Air Pollution Mixtures: Health Effects across Life Stages

Project 1: Relative Toxicity of Air Pollution Mixtures
Principal Investigator: John Godleski, Co-Principal Investigator: Petros Koutrakis

Project 2 (NAS): Cognitive Decline, Cardiovascular Changes, and Biological Aging in Response to Air Pollution
Principal Investigator: Joel Schwartz, Co-:Principal Investigator, Murray Mittleman

Project 3 (Framingham): Identifying the Cognitive and Vascular Effects of Air Pollutino Sources and Mixtures in the Framingham Offspring and Third Generation Cohorts
Principal Investigator: Murray Mittleman, Co-Principal Investigator: Joel Schwartz

Project 4 (VIVA): Longitudinal Effects of Multiple Pollutants on Child Growth, Blood Pressure and Cognition
Principal Investigator: Diane R. Gold, Co-Principal Investigator: Matthew Gillman

Project 5 (National): A National Study to Assess Susceptibility, vulnerability and Effect Modification of Air Pollution Health Risks
Principal Investigator: Francesca Dominici, Co-Principal Investigators: Joel Schwartz & Michelle bell

Core A: Exposure Core
Director: Petros Koutrakis, Co-Director: Brent Coull

Core B: Biostatistics Core
Director: Brent Coull, Co-Directors: Francesca Dominici & Joel Schwartz

Core C: Engineering Core
Director: Petros Koutrakis, Co-Director: J. Mikhail Wolfson

Core D: Administrative Core
Core Directors: Petros Koutrakis & John Godleski