Program Evaluation

Prior Participants

In the twenty-seven years of its existence, more than 2,800 physicians from a variety of clinical fields have completed the PCE summer curriculum.  Many have also completed the requirements for a Master’s degree at HSPH and nearly all have received academic appointments at research-oriented institutions.

A description of this program and some of its participants may be found in Research Training in Clinical Effectiveness: Replacing “In My Experience …” with Rigorous Clinical Investigation (Clinical Research 1990;38:686-693), Making Medicine More Scientific (Nature 1994;371:100), The Harvard Clinical Effectiveness Training Programme (In: Peckham M, Smith R (eds), Scientific Basis of Health Services, BMJ Publishing Group 1996;7:65-71), and Protecting an Endangered Species: Training Physicians to Conduct Clinical Research (Academic Medicine 2009 Apr;84(4): 439-444.

Program Reviews

The PCE curriculum has received very positive evaluations.  About 90% of prior enrollees have stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the curriculum, and have indicated that they would take the curriculum if they had to make the decision again.

The PCE faculty was chosen both for their strong research backgrounds and for their skills as teachers.  All instructors received superior ratings for the quality of their lectures and for the overall value for each course.