James H. Ware Award

The James H. Ware Award for Achievement in the Practice of Public Health is given to a student upon graduation who has demonstrated commitment and achievement and has advanced the cause of public health practice while enrolled as a student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The awarded practice experience must demonstrate qualities embodied by Dr. James H. Ware: dedication, dignity, vision, and with resulting improvements in a healthier community.

Award Details:

Who is eligible to receive the James H. Ware Award?
Graduating students from any department and program who have engaged in a practice opportunity or experience during their time at Harvard T.H. Chan School are encouraged to apply for this award. Practice experience may be completed during the academic year or summer, as part of a degree requirement or not, or may be derived from extracurricular experience outside of the classroom.

To Apply: Please submit the following information by 5 pm on April 22nd, keeping in mind that the criteria addressed will include: scope of impact, commitment to health outcomes, creativity and vision, and relationship building with the community. Please include:

A. Letter of support from the student’s advisor or from the supervisor/preceptor within the organization sponsoring the project

B. A written practice experience description, of 2 pages in length, which includes:

1) the name and location of the community, agency, and/or organization in which the practice experience was conducted;

2) the impact made and improvements established within the community whose health the experience improved;

3) a description of the applicant’s process and results;

4) an assessment of the contribution that the experience has made to improve the health of the community; describe successes, problems encountered, and sustainability; and

5) the student’s role in the project, including information about the amount of time contributed to the project.

When is the deadline for application?
Please submit all application materials to Michael McCormack at mmccorma@hsph.harvard.edu by 5 pm on Wednesday April 22, 2015