MD/MPH Information

If you are currently enrolled as an MD/MPH degree candidate and anticipate completion of HSPH course requirements for the MPH by May 2015, you are welcome to participate in the May 28th Commencement exercises at HSPH and in the University’s morning ceremony.

Although your MPH degree will be awarded only upon conferral of the MD degree, you may participate in all of the May festivities. You should follow the normal procedures outlined on this website to order tickets and regalia.

You will be listed in the HSPH Commencement booklet as a Master of Public Health recipient whose degree will be awarded concurrently with your medical degree. However, you will not appear in the University’s Commencement booklet until you complete requirements for both degrees.

Students in the integrated MD/MPH program with HMS who are completing both degrees in May will be awarded both degrees.

MD/MPH students returning to their MD programs must submit an Application for Degree prior to leaving HSPH. After completion of your MD degree, you will be required to request an official final transcript, showing the award of the MD degree, be sent from your medical school’s Registrar’s office to the HSPH Registrar’s Office. Your MPH degree will be voted at the next available degree vote date after the HSPH Registrar’s receives official proof that your MD degree has been awarded. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 617-432-1032.