Selected Publications

Articles in Statistics/Biostatistics Journals

  • Zigler CM. The central role of Bayes theorem for joint estimation of causal effects and propensity scores. arXiv:1308.5595
  • Zigler CM and Dominici F. Uncertainty in propensity score estimation: Bayesian methods for variable selection and model averaged causal effects.  To appear in Journal of the American Statistical Association. link.
  • Zigler CM, Watts K, Yeh RW, Coull BA, and Dominici F. Model feedback in Bayesian propensity score estimation. Biometrics 2013; 69(1): 263-273.
  • Zigler CM, Dominici F, and Wang Y. Estimating causal effects of air quality regulations using prin- cipal stratification for spatially-correlated multivariate intermediate outcomes. Biostatistics 2012; 13(2): 289–302.
  • Zigler CM and Belin TR. A Bayesian approach to improved estimation of causal effect predictiveness for a principal surrogate endpoint. Biometrics 2012; 68(3): 922-932.
  • Zigler CM and Belin TR. The potential for bias in principal causal effect estimation when treatment received depends on a key covariate. Annals of Applied Statistics 2011; 5(3): 1876-1892.

Please see my CV for a complete list of publications, including collaborative work in journals such as Health and Place; Statistics, Politics, and Policy; Journal of the American Dental Association, Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Biological Psychology; Journal of Trauma; Substance Abuse; and several others.