My Research

Research Interest

I am current working as Research Associate in Stephanie Shore’s Lab in several projects aimed primary in elucidate the mechanism(s) of asthma induced by obesity. In this lab I have two major interest: (1) role of adipokyne (mainly adiponectin) in ozone induced inflammation and (2) Rho Kinase and airway hyperresponsiveness.

I have been working with animal model of asthma (and other pulmonary diseases) and enviroment toxycology since 1997 with a major goal in becaming expert in pulmonary toxycology. For that, I worked with b2-adrenergic receptor agonist during my Masters and Doctoral degree in asthma model in guinea-pig and mouse. In 2005, I learned more about cigarette smoking with focus in acrolein and reactive volatile aldehydes. And since 2008, here at HSPH, I am learning more about pulmonary toxicology by working with ozone model of pulmonary inflammation and AHR.