Dhananjay Tambe

Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Health

Department of Environmental Health

665 Huntington Avenue
Building I, Room 1307
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Phone: 617.432.1590


Ph.D. Mechanics of Solids and Structures, Brown University, Providence, RI (2008)

Selected Publications

D. T. Tambe, U. Croutelle, X. Trepat, C. Y. Park, J-H. Kim, E. Millet, J. P. Butler, J. J. Fredberg, Monolayer Stress Microscopy: limitations, artifacts, and accuracy of recovered intercellular stresses, PLoS ONE, 8, e55172 (2013)

D. T. Tambe*, C. C. Hardin*, T. E. Angelini, K. Rajendran, C. Y. Park, X. Serra-Picama, E. Zhou, M. H. Zaman, J. P. Butler, D. A. Weitz, J. J. Fredberg, X. Trepat, Collective Cell Guidance by Cooperative Intercellular Forces, Nature Materials, 10, 469 (2011)

X. Serra-Picamal, V. Conte, R. Vincent, E. Anon, D. T. Tambe, E. Bazellieres, J. P. Butler, J. J. Fredberg, X. Trepat, Mechanical waves during tissue expansion, Nature Physics, 8, 628 (2012)


Monolayer Stress Microscopy, PCT/US12/33450, Filed on April 15, 2011.