Sites of Note

MGH Biostatistics Center – The Massachusetts General Hospital’s Biostatistics Center is located at 50 Staniford Street Suite 560, near the main MGH campus. The Biostatistics Center provides biostatistical support to MGH research departments, as well as serving as a coordinating center for NIH projects in ARDS and Cancer Genetics. The Center staff is composed of biostatisticians, physicians, research nurses, and research assistants.

Cancer Genetics Network Statistical Coordinating Center – The Cancer Genetics Network (CGN) is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to support collaborative investigations into the genetic basis of cancer susceptibility, explore mechanisms to integrate this new knowledge into medical practice, and identify ways of addressing the associated psychosocial issues. The Statistical Coordinating Center provides logistic, statistical, and database support. CGN maintains a Registry of subjects interested in participating in studies, and welcomes scientific collaboration.

Dr. Finkelstein’s Biosketch – Dr. Finkelstein’s NIH biosketch in pdf format