Environment, Epigenetics and Disease

Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Health

665 Huntington Avenue
Building I, Room B26
Boston, MA 02115

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Diddier Prada, MD, PhD.

Department of Environmental Health

Contact information:

Lab Office
Bldg 1, Rm G11, 665 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 416-2090. E-mail: dipradao@hsph.harvard.edu


I am postdoc in the Laboratory of Environmental Epigenetics, with Dr. Andrea Baccarelli. I am interested in Environmental toxicology, Epigenetics and their relationship with human diseases, especially those age-related. Also, I have been working with air pollution (PM2.5 and black carbon) and Lead (Pb) exposures, evaluating genetic and epigenetic mediators and interactions, especially APOE gene and DNA methylation. I have evaluated its effect on several cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, ophthalmological, endocrine and cancer-related outcomes. Now, I am focused in biological-driven questions that can be applied to epidemiological studies.

Academic background:

  1. MD: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia, 1995-2001.
  2. PhD: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, 2006-2012.
  3. Postdoc: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2013-date.

Recent publications:

  1. Jia Zhong, Elena Colicino, Xinyi Lin, Amar Mehta, Itai Kloog, Antonella Zanobetti, Hyang-Min Byun, Marie-Abèle Bind, Laura Cantone, Diddier Prada, Letizia Tarantini, Letizia Trevisi, David Sparrow, Pantel Vokonas, Joel Schwartz, and Andrea Baccarelli. Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction: Particulate Air Pollution Effects are Modulated by Epigenetic Immunoregulation of Toll-like Receptor 2 and Dietary Flavonoid Intake. J Am Heart Ass 2015, 4(1).
  2. Leon-Sarmiento FE, Rizzo-Sierra CV, Leon-Ariza JS, Sobota R, Vera LM, Diddier Prada. A new neurometric assessment of the area-under-curve-associated jiggle of the motor output induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Physiology and Behaviour 2015, 141;111-9.
  3. Diddier Prada, Elena Colicino, Melinda C Power, David G Cox, Marc G Weisskopf, Lifang Hou, Avron Spiro III, Pantel Vokonas, Jia Zhong, Marco Sanchez-Guerra, Luis A Herrera, Joel Schwartz, Andrea A. Baccarelli. Influence of multiple APOE genetic variants on cognitive function in a cohort of older men – Results from the Normative Aging Study. BMC Psychiatry 2014, 14:223.
  4. Diddier Prada, Curt Hartleben-Matkin, Rafael Mancilla-Vences. A 4-year retrospective study of add-on therapy to the fixed combination of Dorzolamide/timolol for the treatment of POAG. International Journal of Ophtalmology 2014, 7(2): 300-304.