About Us

Mission, Goals & Activities: To initiate and support activities that increase diversity and promote cultural competency among members of the Harvard Chan School community.

Recruitment: to enhance student, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty recruitment by working with respective to the Harvard Chan School offices.

  • Assist with diversity related recruitment strategies planned by the Office of Admissions;
  • Assist the Harvard Chan School departments with their goals and approaches to increase diversity;
  • Provide mentoring support for minority students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members.

Cultural Competence: to promote cultural competency within the Harvard Chan School community.

  • Host/sponsor cultural activities and events that raise awareness and take advantage of the diversity of students, staff, and faculty;
  • Support and promote participation in diversity related activities and events within the Harvard Chan School, Harvard University, and the Boston metro area;
  • Review statistics on diversity related matters in order to determine appropriate educational training and awareness programs;
  • Assist departments with establishing benchmarks for cultural competence;Iny in Chicago
  • Develop a bias-motivated response protocolto identify episodes of intolerance;
  • Recognize and promote best practices of inclusive excellence at the department level as well as the individual level.

Representation: to participate in activities that represent the Harvard Chan School diversity mission within the school, Harvard community, and nationally.

  • Participate in the Harvard Chan School diversity related committees such as the Committee for Concerned Women Faculty and Faculty Diversity Committee;
  • Present the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s mission and activities to students, administrators, faculty, and alumni;
  • Present the School’s diversity activities to the Harvard community and at national conferences.

Monitor: report the progress of diversity at the Harvard Chan School.

  • Collect, analyze, and provide recommendations on diversity initiatives to the schools administration;
  • Assist with reporting requests/requirements on diversity matters from the schools’ administration, faculty, and governing bodies;
  • Report on the Harvard Chan School’s diversity progress to the University’s Chief Diversity Officer and other university constituents.

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