Diversity Mentor Program

The Diversity Mentor Program is an initiative by the HSPH Office of Diversity & Inclusion. The program is in part a retention and support initiative which will enhance currently enrolled Harvard School of Public Health students’ experiences through one-on-one interaction with alumni members throughout the country and globally. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to network and cultivate sustainable relationships with members of the HSPH alumni community.

Through participation in the program:

·    Students will be able to build relationships and form collaborative, supportive, and nurturing communities outside of the HSPH community.

·    Students will gain valuable information, knowledge, and connections with alumni in their respective career interest or other public health interests.

·    Students will develop stronger cultural competency skills through increased networking and personal interactions with mentors.

Mentoring will be done through a variety of ways such as one-on-one meetings, Skype calls, email, and other mutually agreed-upon interactions.

If you are an alum who is interested in serving as a Diversity Mentor, please complete the linked Diversity Mentor Inventory; your responses will be used to match you with one or two student mentees. Please submit your Inventory here.

If you are a student wishing to participate as a mentee in the program, please fill out the Student Inventory here.

You may contact Venus Israni with any questions, comments, or concerns about the program at VISRANI@hsph.harvard.edu.