Post-Doctoral Fellows

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Research Program on Children and Global Adversity

The Research Program on Children and Global Adversity is seeking a post-doctoral Diversity Fellow applicant whose interests and career goals for training align with the activities of our recently-funded NICHD R01 in Sierra Leone to study the intergenerational effects of war on mental health and child development.  Interested potential applicants with a background in quantitative research skills (field based survey data collection, early childhood assessment, psychometric and multivariate analyses of child and family mental health outcomes) as well as qualitative research skills are encouraged to be in touch with Dayo Spencer Walters ( and Dr. Theresa Betancourt (  The RPCGA and the potential fellow will then work together to co-construct a proposal for funding to NICHD comprising a two-year training and mentored research plan aligned with their career goals and project activities. Of particular interest is the topic of intimate partner and family violence. Applicants must come from an under-represented minority group and be US citizens or green card holders. Willingness to travel for field work as well as prior field based research in Africa or other low-resource settings is preferred.

 Yerby Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Yerby Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks highly qualified candidates with established research interests and a doctoral degree in public health-related fields.  The program creates a bridge between academic training in various health disciplines and entry-level faculty positions at institutions throughout the United States.

Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (CCDD) Postdoctoral Fellowships

The CCDD, housed in the Department of Epidemiology, is dedicated to advancing the field of mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Biostatistics

This includes opportunities for the following areas: statistical genetics and genomics, causal inference, computational biology and metagenomics, cancer computational biology and bioinformatics, environmental statistics, statistical methods for mismeasured and misclassified epidemiologic data.

Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Department of Epidemiology

This includes opportunities for the following areas: cancer epidemiology, cardiovascular disease epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology of cancer, psychiatric epidemiology and biostatistics.

 Other Harvard School of Public Health Fellowships