USHLI Conference Feedback

“Attending the USHLI conference was a profoundly powerful, eye-opening experience… I realized that advocating for investment in education for the socioeconomically disadvantaged is one of the most powerful ways to help break away from the cycle of poverty. I feel empowered to further reach out to this community even after I graduate from HSPH.”

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“I believe HSPH students have the ability to empower the young Latino generation by sharing our own journeys, and making the exchange a two-way street.”

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“Overall, it was great to have a massive group of students so excited to know that ‘Harvard’ was in the midst of their conference and that we were also happy and excited to talk to them and share our experiences. We made sure that they understood that it was indeed possible for each and everyone of them to apply to study in Harvard no matter their background.”


“The speakers were shining examples of successful Latin Americans who have made great strides in political, business, communications and legislative arenas.”


“As a non-Hispanic it was wonderful to be a minority in a crowd and hear a perspective to which I am not always privy.”


If I had to choose a word to describe my experience in attending the National Conference of the United States Leadership Institute (USHLI) it would be: shocking. As a Mexican attending a Latino conference, I believed prior to the event that I would be one more in the crowd. It was surprising to discover the enormous differences between American Latinos and myself. By getting to know and speaking with Latino students, I learned about their life goals, their expectations and how they envision the future. Nevertheless, learning about the oppression they live in and the lack of opportunities they deal with day by day made me realize all the problems the Latino community cope with.”


“I believe that as a Student Ambassador, my mission is to understand diversity to develop cultural competency. By doing this, I can start building bridges that address common problems. This experience with USHLI is one more step towards this goal, and I believe a very important one.”