Departmental Projects

Departmental Projects

Got Green?

Does your department have what it takes to be highlighted here in our “Green Place to Work” column?? Do you have your own idea that you’d like to see implemented school-wide??  Check out some of the past projects, and if you’ve got an idea to be recognized, send an email to so we can get going!


Current Project: Health Policy and Management Office Composting

From team leader, Sharon O’Brien:

“I have been interested in composting for a long time as a way of reducing my environmental footprint. I recycle as much as I can, so the bulk of the trash I produce is food scraps. My attempts to compost in my apartment have not gone well – I will skip the grim details – so I was very glad to have an easy way to act on my values at work.

As the School of Public Health we should be leaders on sustainability issues. Here in the Department of Health Policy and Management, many people participate in the new composting program and would like to see it expand so that we could make composting easily available in meeting spaces. I hope that the composting program will both cut down on the trash that ends up in landfills and will allow the food and paper scraps to serve as fertilizer.”

Past Projects: 

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