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What is the Biomatrica Pilot Program?

If you have not committed to the Pilot Program, and want to learn more, please join us for the introductory presentation:

Date:  April 20th, 11:30 – 12:30p

Location:  MASCO, 375 Longwood Avenue, 5th floor conference room


Please RSVP to this second Biomatrica presentation to


Over the past several months, Harvard’s Strategic Procurement Office, the Office for Sustainability & MASCO’s joint committee on Sustainability and Research have participated in discussions with Biomatrica, a pioneer in the room temperature storage of DNA and RNA samples.  The discussions familiarized potential users with their vision and technology.  Researchers, lab managers, and senior leaders expressed an interest in learning more about Biomatrica’s product offering.

In response to our interest in further evaluating the room based temperature storage devices, Biomatrica has proposed a pilot program for Harvard University and its affiliated hospitals. MASCO and Harvard are pleased to announce that we are jointly willing to fund the first 15 labs, with a serious interest in the room temperature storage technology, that sign-up for the Biomatrica Pilot Project.  This is first, come first served, but taking into account the need for broad institutional coverage. Lisa Hogarty, Vice President for Campus Services is providing funding for ten laboratory pilots across campus and MASCO will provide funding for 5 of their member institutions, as a means to encourage this opportunity and hopefully realize the potential significant long term benefits which include cost savings, reduction in CO2 emissions, and more efficient use of valuable lab space.

HSPH Operations and Eco-Opportunity will be involved with working with the committed faculty and staff within the labs to help develop this program, and help address not only energy and cost savings, but also help labs live within their space and better manage space and capacity constraints. Along with this program, we hope to help improve freezer management, and work with faculty advisers, department administrators, and lab managers, as well as a representative from EH&S to:

  • better understand current usage & content management practices
  • develop a freezer content storage and management pilot program
  • develop a web-based freezer content inventory management program
  • develop a bi-annual content clean-out program
  • explore short and long-term storage options

For more information about Biomatrica, please review the presentation that was created by Operations to introduce the program to the Eco-Opportunity team and Lab Managers.  You can also view the Biomatrica website for more information and case studies on their products and technologies. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please (please put “Biomatrica Pilot” in the subject line).