Green Tip Posters

Each month, the Office for Sustainability (OFS) provides a new green tip that you can implement in your building, classroom, dorm, office, or lab—and even at home!

Sign up for the Green Tip. If your entire group or office wants to sign up, please send the Office for Sustainability all of the email addresses in an Excel file. Note that anyone can opt-out of receiving this monthly email at any time.

Archived Green Tips are listed below by month. Click on each thumbnail to download a full-sized version in order to use it as applicable in your department or home.

This Month’s Tip

Nov10_FlyerThumb (november10flyer-thumb.jpg)   Nov10_EmailThumb (november10email-thumbj.jpg)

Recycling & Waste Reduction 

GT May 08 Sm (MayTipHSPHSm.jpg)  GT Mar 08 Paper (March08Tip.jpg)  GT May 06 paper use (may06paperuse.jpg) GT Sept 06 (Sep_06_Tip_-_recycling_HSPH.jpg) GT Mar 07 (mar07recycleHSPH.jpg)Aug09_ImgSm (Aug09_ImgSm.jpg)July10Tip_ImgSm (july10tip_imgsm.jpg)



August Green Tip_Small Icon (HSPHAug08TipIconSm.jpg) GT Sept 07 (September_HSPH_-_Sustainable_Food_V2.jpg) GT May 07 (May_tip_07.jpg) GT Oct 06 (Oct_tip_06_HSPH.jpg)June10_ImgSm

Energy Efficiency 

GT Feb 08 winter (February08Tip.jpg) GT Oct 07 (green_tip_image.jpg) GT Jul 07 (july_07_gt_green_labs.jpg) GT June 07 (june07heat.jpg) GT Jan 07 (jan07computers_Page_1.jpg) GT Apr 06 CFLs (apr06cfls.jpg)

GT Dec 06 (Dec_tip_06.jpg) GT Aug 06 (Aug_06_Tip_-hsph_plug_load.jpg) GT Jul 06 thermostat (jul06hsphthermostat.jpg) GT Feb 09 SmImg (Feb09_ComPwr_SmImg.jpg)


Oct10_Green Tip Flyer Thumb (october10flyer-thumb.jpg)  Oct10_Green Tip Email Thumb (october10email-thumb.jpg)


June09Tip_ImgSm (June09_Img_Sm.jpg) GT July 08 Sm (July08TipIconSm.jpg)GT Jun 08 Sm (June08TipSm.jpg)



October Green Tip_Small Icon (Oct08Tip_HSPH_ImgSm.jpg)GT Apr 08 NPHW (Apr08TipHSPH.jpg) GT Dec 07 (December07Tip.jpg) GT Feb 06 (feb06hsphrenewables.jpg)March10_ImgSmGT Jan 08 Iaq (InoorAirQualVOCs.jpg)   Oct09_ImgSm (Oct09_ImgSm.jpg)