Academic Advising


Each department/program/division appoints an advisor to each student. The advisor must have an Harvard Chan School faculty appointment. The advisor provides the student with academic guidance, information, and general assistance. The advisor and the advisee must meet at least twice during the academic year (before the start of the fall and spring semesters) to discuss the student’s proposed course of study and any procedural or personal issues relevant to the student’s academic experience.

The advisor meets with the advisee to confirm the student’s course of study. The advisor’s signature on the Registration Form is required and indicates that the courses in which the student plans to enroll are appropriate for the successful completion of the student’s degree program. If the student’s advisor is not available to sign the Registration Form, designated surrogate advisors are available in most departments. Students will find a ‘Surrogate Advisors List’ in their registration packet. The School’s Registrar’s Office also maintains a list of approved surrogate advisors.

Students who wish to change their advisor should submit a Change of Advisor Form to the Harvard Chan School Registrar’s Office. The form requires the signatures of the department chair, former advisor, and new advisor. Students who meet with academic difficulties should contact their advisor. If personal problems or disabilities are a factor in a student’s academic difficulty, the student should also consult with appropriate staff in the Office for Student Affairs.

The Harvard Chan School 2014-2015 Student Handbook