Committee on Educational Policy


To serve as an agent of the faculty to promote the quality of education at the school; including:

  • overseeing the coordination and integration of the school’s educational activities of the departments and administration, including coordinating the implementation of curricular policies established by the school’s accrediting agency;
  • overseeing the quality of teaching;
  • developing policies that enhance the quality of education, including policies on advising and mentoring of students and fellows;
  • establishing procedures for the implementation of educational policies, and
  • communicating policies and procedures to the departments.

The committee will also conduct periodic reviews of the educational programs at the school and recommend appropriate changes to the faculty. The committee receives recommendations from faculty, students, and staff; identifies strengths and weaknesses in the school’s educational activities; and develops policies for faculty review and decision. The focus of the committee will be policy rather than administration; implementation of educational policies adopted by the committee will be accomplished via the appropriate departmental or administrative unit within the school. (established 1969; charge revised 1997)

In addition, at times goals or tasks, defined by the dean or the dean for academic affairs may be part of the CEP’s charge. The CEP may also charge a subcommittee with a specific task.