Course Evaluations

Student Course Evaluations

The school’s student course evaluation process is overseen by the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP). Courses at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are evaluated by students, and completion of these evaluations is a course requirement. Students are contacted directly and prompted to complete online evaluations at the conclusion of each course. Detailed reports are made available to instructors online after they have submitted all student grades. These reports are also made available to department chairs and program heads upon request, and may be used for other appropriate administrative purposes. Summary reports are available online and can be viewed by students and others, within and outside the school.

The CEP reviews the course evaluation reports and communicates with faculty regarding courses that receive high ranking from students, as well as courses which receive low ranking summary reports. The course evaluation summaries are included in proposals for faculty reappointment and promotion. Course evaluation reports are also used as a consideration for teaching awards.

To access Course Evaluations, please access the following link: Course Evaluations (instructor login)