Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Q: Can I purchase trip insurance?

A: NO! The University will NOT reimburse or pay for the cost of any trip insurance.


Q: Who can get a per diem?

A: Only employees can receive a per diem and you cannot mix and match your per diem rates or days. STUDENTS and non-Harvard Employees CANNOT receive a per diem.


Q: I paid for my ticket already. Can I be reimbursed?

A: Unless you have paid using a Harvard University Corporate Card you CANNOT be reimbursed for any expenses before the trip has taken place.


Q: The cheapest ticket I found was on a foreign airline. Can I book it for my air travel on my sponsored project?

A: Not if you are traveling on Federal funds. Federal travel requires the use of a US Flag Air Carrier per the Fly America Act. Those Federal travel dollars are to support American airline companies. This is the law and it is strictly enforced. If you find a cheaper foreign vendor, remember that it is not about the price but about supporting American airlines with Federal funds.


Q: I don't want to use my personal credit card to book my flight. How do I make my travel arrangements?

A: To have your travel charged directly to your project, first you must make sure that you have PI approval and get a trip number. Ashely Fratus, Tracy Mark or Isabelle Altman can furnish you with a trip number. Then you can contact BCD travel at the following link:
BCD Travel will help you find the right flight and book your travel. Once you have figured out your flight information, they will send you an email with the details. Send this email to Ashley Fratus or Isabelle Altman who can enter this into the Web Voucher System. Tracy Mark will then approve it. Your itinerary will be sent electronically once approved.