Research Interests

Risk prediction of breast cancer following diagnosis of precancerous events.
  • Expansion of the BRCAPRO model to account for diagnoses of
    • DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ): evaluation of the penetrance of DCIS for individuals carrying BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.
    • Contralateral breast cancer: evaluation of the age-specific penetrance functions for contralateral breast cancer in BRCA-mutated individuals, and in the general population.
  • Risk assessment in atypical breast hyperplasia (NIH/NCI grant, E.Mazzola, PI): new, comprehensive and validated approach for risk assessment in women diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia of the breast (atypia), contributing to a more efficient, targeted and personalized evaluation of preventative approaches for invasive breast cancer.
    (with G.Parmigiani, Ph.D, Su-Chun Cheng, Sc.D, Kevin Hughes, MD Ph.D)
Calibration of microsimulation models

Monte Carlo techniques for calibration of general microsimulation models. Application to models describing the evolution of specific cancers (e.g. colorectal cancer).
(with G.Parmigiani, Ph.D)

Collaborative Biostatistician
  • Hematology (work with D.Neuberg, Sc.D): data analysis for the Antisoma clinical trial; international randomized phase III trial conducted exclusively on patients with secondary AML. Biostatistician for the genomic studies in conjunction with this trial.
  • Brain Cancer (work with R.Segal, MD Ph.D): techniques to query the role of the tumor microenvironment in cancer growth by using labeled polystyrene microbeads together with the tested tumor cells to compensate for the physical surface of our testing samples.
  •  HIV (work with R.Gelman, Ph.D.): interest in reservoir dynamics in HIV; CFAR (Harvard University Center for Aids Research) biostatistician.
  • Education (work with P.Catalano, Sc.D.): educational materials on clinical trials and reproducible research for in-person and online sessions to be conducted in conjunction with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Education Office.