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Notes – 3/14/2015

dckryHappy Pi Day! 3.14.15 for all the nerds in our department.

First of all, congratulations to Francine Laden whose promotion to Professor was approved by the Provost and President. A formal announcement is still to come, but feel free to congratulate her.

Congratulations also to Jose Guillermo Cedeno Laurent (aka Memo), who is a graduate of the EER program and currently a research fellow in CHGE. Memo was one of the seven inaugural recipients of President Drew Faust’s new Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund awards. Memo’s project is entitled “Sustainable Adaptation Measures to Extreme Heat Events.” You can read more about it in the Harvard Gazette here.

Next, Jack Spengler was informed that he will be receiving the ASHRAE Environmental Health Award at its annual conference in June.  ASHRAE, which has more than 50,000 members from over 132 nations, is a global society dedicated to advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. Congratulations Jack!

Philippe Grandjean and Russ Hauser co-authored a summary paper that was presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting and featured in their Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. It brought to light the cost and effects that hormone disrupting chemicals have to society and to individuals. It received much coverage in the popular press and is on the school website here.

Phil Demokritou continues to be recognized for his nano work. Recently an article entitled “Nanobombs Terminate Foodborne Microbes” appeared in The Scientist. Well done, Phil!

On the student front, Ryan Calder, Chia-Hsi (Jessie) Tang, and Cheng Peng all passed their oral examinations. Raphael Arku successfully defended his dissertation Poverty, Energy Use, Air Pollution and Health in Ghana: A Spatial Analysis. Congratulations all!

It was an honor for David Christiani and me to be presenters at the Celebration of the Stars event last month.  In all, EH had 29 people who celebrated milestone years. Congratulations to all who were honored:
5 years:  Alan Branco, Mei Chen, Elisa Ghelfi, Xiaofeng Jiang, Carolyn Langer, Mi-Sun Lee, Sam Myers, Paula Leticia Tejera-Alvarez
10 years:  Melissa Curran, Choong-Min Kang, Anna Kosheleva
15 years:  Heike Gibson, Stefanos Kales, Eileen McNeely, Patricia Morey, Salvatore Mucci, Tracy Sachs, Andrea Shafer, and Antonella Zanobetti
20 years:  Russ Hauser, Bob Herrick, Joy Lawrence, Joel Schwartz, Carla Silva, Jose Vallerino, and John Yong
25 years:  Rick Rogers
30 years:  Petros Koutrakis
40 years:  Mike Wolfson

Finally, congratulations to EOME grant manager Sara Akashian and her husband Brendan on the birth of their daughter, Murphy Anne Akashian! We hear mother and baby are doing well.

And Happy St. Patrick’s day!