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Notes – 6/30/2015

dckryYou would think that after graduation things might slow down a little bit, but not in this department! Once again, I have much news to report.

It has been a big month for Quan Lu and his lab.  First, he received word from the American Asthma Foundation that he will receive a three year award for his proposal entitled “Cholecystokinin (CCK) and Its Receptor CCKAR as Novel Therapeutic Targets for Asthma.” In addition, Quan also received funding from the Blavatnik Accelerator funding for his proposal entitled “Delivery of Biological Therapeutics via ARMMs.” Lastly, Quan’s recent graduate Peter Wagner was featured on the school website here.  Well done Quan and Peter!

It has also been a big month for Chris Golden. He and co-applicant Sam Myers received a prestigious two year Wellcome Trust Foundation award for their grant proposal entitled “Quantifying the Human Nutritional Value of Global Fisheries and the Risk to Human Health of Fisheries Decline.” Sam Myers also has a subcontract on different two year Wellcome Trust Foundation grant entitled “Future diets and health: How will environmental changes affect food availability, food consumption and health?” Lastly, Chris Golden will serve as mentor to new incoming fellow Cortni Borgerson on a new NSF Fellowship for their grant application entitled “Endangered species as food; interdisciplinary approaches to stemming biodiversity loss and food insecurity.” Terrific job, Chris and Sam, and welcome Cortni!

Over in the Baccarelli lab, Diddier Prada received a 2015 Enrichment Award from the Health Disparities Research Program by the Harvard Catalyst for his project entitled “Evaluating subtelomeric methylation using ready-to-use 450K methylation data to identify individuals who will experience accelerated cognitive decline due to environmental exposures.” Nice going Diddier!

Chrisy Chantarasopak enjoyed amazing success at the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) conference recently. She was awarded best student poster by two of the technical committees (Indoor Environments and Exposure Assessment), and second place for best poster in the student session. To top it off, she received a second place award for best conference poster overall. (It is extraordinarily rare for a student to receive this type of award for the entire conference.) Her poster was entitled “Exposure Assessment of 3D Printer Emissions.” Congratulations Chrissy and to her mentor, Bob Herrick.

Congratulations also to Rose Goldman, who was invited by the China Medical Board to their conference for young investigators and junior faculty involved in health care systems and policy (“Westlake Youth Forum”).  She gave a plenary session entitled: “Environmental Health: an Introduction to Methodology, Research and Policy” as well as a pre-conference workshop entitled “Key Strategies and Techniques for Effective Teaching.”

A big thank you to Marshall Katler for organizing the MIPS food fest once again this year. This year’s winners were:
Main Dish:
1st – Rosalinda Sepulveda (and Grand Prize),   2nd – Rose Filoramo,  3rd – Kelsey O’Brien

1st – Abby Jensen, 2nd Elisa Ghelfi, 3rd – Jiangyi Wu

1st – Sally Bedugnis, 2nd – Magda Bortoni-Rodrigues, 3rd – Glen Deloid

mips 2015

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants! By the way, congratulations also to Marshall for his daughter Rachel’s wedding in New Hampshire. Seems like he has been involved in a lot of party planning lately!


Congratulations also to Jia Zhong on the birth of her daughter Erin! Her Chinese name is Zhiyi (之易). She was born on June 19, just in time for father’s day and her big brother Ryan’s birthday. Everyone is reportedly doing well.

Finally, I am pleased to note that Jeanne and I have our first grandson, Otis Palmer, born last night at the BI. Otis, his parents Jason and Anna, and his grandparents are coping well with this life-changing event.

Wishing you all a very happy July 4th holiday weekend,