About Doug’s Notes

Running a Department of our size and complexity offers many opportunities and challenges. I relish the opportunity to lead this important program as we all collectively contribute to our mission to protect and improve the public health around the world.

One of my challenges is keeping our faculty, staff, students, and friends informed of the many things we do and accomplish. Our web site is a key component of Department communication.

My (almost) weekly department notes are my attempt to add a personal touch to our communication efforts. I try to touch upon topics that are important but might not be of the variety that reach all of you by other means.

I also like to let you know what I, as the Department Chair, am doing. Sometimes I touch upon administrative issues, sometimes personal research or travel and other times things I think are of general interest.   I hope you find my notes informative and at times entertaining! Your comments and feedback are always welcome.


Douglas W. Dockery, Sc.D., Chair
Professor of Environmental Epidemiology
Department of Environmental Health
617-432-1270 (Main Office)
email: ddockery@hsph.harvard.edu