International Research

The faculty of the Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology Program (EOME) are leading investigations around the globe into the health of workers and the environment.  Currently, 12 faculty members are participating in research and training projects in over 15 countries.  You can learn more about the countries and research projects underway by viewing the HSPH World Map of International Research.

David Christiani

Professor of Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology

  • Brain Neoplasms, Leukemia and Petrochemical Exposures (Taiwan)
  • Lung Disease in Chinese Textile Workers (China)
  • A Polymorphism in the COL9A1 Gene and Intervertebral Disc Disease (Greece)
  • Arsenic Exposure and Skin Diseases in Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
  • Arsenic Exposure and Reproductive Outcomes in Bangladesh
  • Cardiopulmonary Disease and Particulate Air Pollution in Beijing

Philippe Grandjean

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health

  • Children’s Vulnerability to Environmental Immunotoxicant Exposure
    (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
  • Epidemiology of Immunotoxicant Exposure in Children
    (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
  • Mercury Associated Neurobehavioral Deficits in Children
    (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
  • Effects of Perinatal Endocrine Disrupters in Children
    (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
  • Health Effects of Life-Time Exposure to Food Contaminants
    (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
  • Three-generation Human Study of Reproductive Effects of Marine Food Contaminants (Faroe Islands, Denmark)

Russ Hauser

Associate Professor of Occupational Health

  • Dioxins, Male Pubertal Development and Testis Function (Russia)