All masters and doctoral students in Epidemiology must complete the curriculum requirements for their degree. These general requirements are listed in the Epidemiology Student Handbook. In addition, the curriculum for students concentrating in the Epidemiology of Aging is listed below.

Required Courses:

Epidemiology of Aging (EPI254)

Epidemiology of Neurologic Diseases (EPI284)

Epidemiology of Frailty and Disability (EPI517)

Aging, Lifecourse Social Conditions, and Public Health (SBS260)


Recommended Courses:

Epidemiology of Cancer (EPI213)

Cardiovascular Epidemiology (EPI223)

Ophthalmic Epidemiology (EPI229)

Pharmacoepidemiology (EPI221)

Use of Biomarkers in Epidemiologic Research (EPI240)

Nutritional Epidemiology (ID214)

Molecular Biology for Epidemiologists (EPI249)

Epidemiology of Aging Suggested Schedule
EPI 221 Pharmacoepidemiology Walker
EPI 223 Cardiovascular Epidemiology Mozaffarian
EPI 229 Ophthalmic Epidemiology Schaumberg
EPI 249 Molecular Biology for Epidemiologists De Vivo
ID 214 Nutritional Epidemiology Willett
EPI 213 Epidemiology of Cancer Mucci
EPI 240 Use of Biomarkers in Epidemiologic Research  Tworoger
 EPI 254 Epidemiology of Aging Grodstein
 EPI 284 Epidemiology of Neurologic Diseases  Ascherio
 SBS 260  Aging, Lifecourse Social Conditions and Health Inequalities  Glymour
EPI 516 Epidemiology of Frailty and Disability Hannan