Standing Committees

Committee Appointment Members Staff Contact
Seminar Series Appointed by Chair for 1 or 2 year term. -Caroline Buckee
-Lorelei Mucci
-Matt Mimiaga
-Jorge Chavarro
-Brittany Charlton
Coppelia Liebenthal
EPI Green Team All are welcome -David Havelick
-Felisa Nobles
-Hardeep Ranu
-Jill McDonald
-Namasha Schelling
-Peter James
-Sarah Freeman
-Sara Lindstrom
-Wei Wu
-Alkes Price
-Lorelei Mucci
David Havelick
Rose Traveling Fellowship Chairs of Biostatistics and Epidemiology decide with funder Deborah Rose approval. -Michelle Williams
-Victor DeGruttola
-Deborah Rose
Coppelia Liebenthal
Cutter Lecture Chairs and select tenured professors -Michelle Williams
-Meir Stampfer
-David Hunter
Coppelia Liebenthal
Written Exam Appointed by Chair for 1 or 2 year term. Methods: Murray Mittleman
Substantive: Deborah Blacker and Ed Giovannucci
John Paulson
Student Advisory Committee John Paulson and active students - Alexandra Binder (ScD candidate entered 2009, 2011 MSc graduate)
– Brittany Charlton  (ScD candidate entered 2009, 2011 MSc graduate)
– Jen Falbe (ScD candidate entered 2008)
– John Jackson (ScD candidate entered 2008)
– Gautam Sajeev  (ScD candidate entered 2010)
– Wenjie Bao (MSc candidate entered 2012)
– Jeff Lienert (MSc candidate entered 2012)
– Katie McInerney (MSc candidate entered 2012)
– Kathryn Rough (MSc candidate entered 2012)
– Jason Park (MSc candidate entered 2012)
John Paulson