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Mentoring Wentworth Institute Students

Went 1The Department of Applied Mathematics at Wentworth Institute is seeking the opportunity to link its students up with professionals in relevant disciplines who might enjoy having regular contact with a student, providing mentoring and advice as they matriculate through their program.  This is an opportunity for professional technical staff and colleagues in epidemiology to provide important services in our community.

The role of mentoring these students would include meeting at least twice a year (or more if decided upon by mutual agreement), sharing experiences that have led up to their current position, sharing details about their responsibilities in the work they are presently involved in, answering questions the student may have and being an overall professional role model for the student.  The commitment would be for at least one academic year.

These students are coming from a background in mathematics and they will be juniors and sophomores in their program during the time that many of them will be seeking their first internship opportunities.  A great deal of these students are on a path to seek work experience after graduation in the fields of data base management, “big data analysis”, Python/Cloud computing, finance and actuarial work industries.   These are intelligent, earnest, motivated students who would relish the opportunity to learn from someone who may be able to help provide insight on how they may reach their future career goals.

Dr. Alec Walker gave a seminar with the Applied Math students last year.  In 90 minutes, they derived epidemic curves from first principles of susceptibility, immunity and infectiousness, arrived at the basic reproductive ratio and from there got to herd immunity and strategies for vaccination, with an application in the end to situations of irregular mixing of members of the populations.  As Alec stated, “the students were practically jumping out of their seats, half the time a step ahead of the talk, and drawing connections all the way.”  He spoke with a number of the students individually before and after the seminar.  They are attentive and eager to learn.

If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity to facilitate an invaluable experience for a student at Wentworth, please contact Department of Applied Math Chair, Amanda Hattaway [] to be paired with a student from this institution

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