Congratulations to our outstanding 2013 graduates!

Congratulations to the Epidemiology Class of 2013!  You numbered 28 doctor of science students and 41 master of science students.  Your academic excellence, innovative research and diverse personalities enriched the Epidemiology Department and HSPH beyond measure.  We look forward to following your developing and dynamic careers as epidemiologists.  Congratulations also to Heather Baer, Assistant Professor in Epidemiology, Nana Keum and Emilie Zoltick, current Epidemiology Department doctoral students, who all received special recognition at this year’s commencement ceremonies for their outstanding teaching contributions in 2013-2014.

Jing XieGeorge, Michelle, John and Julia Walt and Jorge Shanshan, Nicole, John, Linda, Alan and Jenny Shanshan Li Ran Zhang Nicole Middaugh NaNa Keum Muhammad Julia John & Shanshan Jinnie Rhee Jennifer and Walt Jennifer & Ran Emilie, Sharrelle and NaNa Elizabeth, Elisabetta, Andreas and Sarah Elisbetta Sarah and Elizabeth Ayesha, Jinnie, Jennifer and John