Student Advisory Committee

Do you have a brilliant idea about how to improve the way our department serves you, the students? Bring your ideas or concerns to The Student Advisory Committee. You may speak with any of the current members listed below, or leave an anonymous message in our Suggestion Box. The committee serves as a liaison between the student body and the Chair of the Department and the Associate Director of Graduate Studies. The goals of the committee are to provide feedback, to discuss relevant issues on behalf of the Epi student body and to affect positive change within the department. Some of the current issues under discussion include TA compensation, facilitating communication between faculty and students about research interests and opportunities, and enhancing our connections with alum. The committee members come from both our doctoral and masters programs. Please be in touch with John Paulson if you are interested in joining.

Current Members

Alexandra Binder Erin Onstead    Erin Onstead Brittany Charlton Gautam Sajeev
Mollie Barnard picture

Mollie Barnard


Wenjie Bao


Jason Park


Katie McInerney

Kathryn Rough Jeff Lienert