Meet Our Staff!

Department of Epidemiology Staff Members:

Julie Alperen, DrPH
PHACS DOC Project Director
Office Location: Kresge 817E
Phone: 617-432-6762

Jori Barabino
Grant Manager
Office Location: Kresge 901
Phone: 617-432-5031

Alan Berkeley
Grant Manager
Office Location: Kresge 901
Phone: 617-432-1233

Claire Berman
Director of Health Education and Communication, Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS)
Office Location: Kresge 816E
Phone: 617-432-1853

Staff Bio:  In her position, Claire leads efforts to develop creative and innovative health education and health literacy tools for diverse audiences connected to PHACS, including perinatally HIV-infected or HIV-exposed but uninfected youth, caregivers and Community Advisory Board members, clinical site staff, and research scientists. She heads the Health Education and Communication Committee and mentors health communication interns. Key projects to date have included a story map for HIV-affected young adults, a new PHACS website, HIV Disclosure Comic Books for caregivers and children, a PHACS Media Strategy, a handbook for study CABs, and a series of multi-site focus groups with young adults and caregivers in PHACS about technology and study retention.

Jessica Bugg
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Office Location: Kresge 904 | Front Desk
Phone: 617-432-1050

Randall Chaput
Staff Assistant for Causal Inference Team
Office Location: Kresge 820
Phone: 617-432-1539

Eric DiGiovanni
Academic Program Coordinator
Office Location: Kresge 902
Phone: 617-432-1328

Mustapha Et-Taik
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Office Location: 911A
Phone: 617-432-5032

Jamie Fu
Senior Grants Manager
Office Location: Kresge 901
Phone: 617-432-0117

David Havelick
Program Manager for Cancer Epidemiology
Office Location: Kresge 920A
Phone: 617-432-1643

Sherida Kipp
CCDD Program Coordinator
Office Location: Kresge, Suite 506
Phone: 617-432-7955

Melanie Larsen
Outreach Manager for the CCDD
Office Location: Kresge 506A
Phone: 617-432-3063

As Outreach Manager, Mel’s focus is supporting the CCDD’s work on development of students, new investigators, and emerging scientists in the field of infectious disease modeling. Our outreach work is accomplished through education, mentoring, and financial support. Our group is especially focused on supporting students & scientists from under-represented groups.  The Center is also interested in working with science writers and connecting with public health officials working at state & local levels to educate them about the CCDD’s work on mathematical modeling. Please reach out to Mel via email if you’re interested in learning more, and visit our Opportunities page for more information & applications to our programs. Mel also runs the Center’s social media presence – follow along at @CCDD_HSPH on Twitter.

Coppelia Liebenthal
Executive Assistant to the Chair
Office Location: Kresge 905
Phone: 617-432-6477

Emily Long
Program Coordinator for Dr. Donna Spiegelman and GNET
Office Location: Kresge 828
Phone: 617-432-7973

Emily is the Program Coordinator for Dr. Donna Spiegelman and the Global Nutrition/Epidemiologic Transition Network (GNET). As the coordinator for GNET, she is responsible for maintaining the website and coordinating communications and meetings with the numerous collaborators. She joined the Department of Epidemiology in April 2014 and previously she worked at the Conservation Law Foundation on issues related to clean air, climate change, and environmental justice. She received her BA in Cellular Neuroscience from Colgate University and she is an avid fan of all things outdoors.

Molly Lyons          
Manager of Finance for PHACS
Office Location: Kresge 817D
Phone: 617-432-7218

Megan Marchese
Academic Appointments Coordinator
Office Location: Kresge 902
Phone: 617-432-5035

Sean Mayne         
Grant Manager
Office Location: Kresge 901
Phone: 617-432-4239

Jill McDonald
Faculty Coordinator to Dr. Kraft, Dr. Price, and Dr. Liang
Office Location: Building 2 Room 249
Phone: 617-432-6347

John Paulson
Associate Director, Graduate Studies
Office Location: Kresge 904A
Phone: 617-432-1055

Alissa Scharf         
Project Director, CCDD
Office Location: Kresge 506B
Phone: 617-432-7914

Laura Severse
Director of Finance
Office Location: Kresge 903
Phone: 617-432-4699

Manyee To
Senior Grant Manager
Office Location: Kresge 911A
Phone: 617-432-1341

David Vaughn
Director of Administration
Office Location: Kresge 914
Phone: 617-432-1301

Rosa Veras           
Senior Grant Manager
Office Location: Kresge 901
Phone: 617-432-6215