Student Ambassador


Hello! My name is Jason Park and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am a first year SM2 Infectious Disease Epidemiology student and my research focus is on reducing the STI burden in the MSM population. I am currently the Office of Diversity’s Student Ambassador for the Epidemiology Department and the Student Government’s Epidemiology Department Representative. As the Student Ambassador, I am working in the Epi Dept. to bridge the gap between departments by creating an environment where students, prospective students, faculty, and staff from all departments can make meaningful connections with each other. I am also working on several outreach projects focused on students typically underrepresented in public health. As the Epi Rep., I am here as someone you can go to with advocacy issues, concerns about the department, basically any issue you’re having with the Epi Dept, or if you just want to chat—I promise I don’t bite.

I can also be reached by email at


In April, HSPH held an outstanding conference for local high school students to introduce them to the field of public health.  Please follow the link to learn more about the “Why Public Health? Youth and Public Health” conference or visit the HSPH website to read a summary of this event that made a great impact on many students.