Spring 2014 Dissertations

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Congratulations to these doctoral candidates on reaching this incredible milestone in their academic journey!

Department of Epidemiology doctoral students who recently defended their dissertations:

Audrey Gaskins Diet in relation to fertility and fecundity

Jason Wong– Occupational and Biological Predictors of Genomic Trauma

Sarah Markt– The role of circadian disruption in prostate cancer risk and progression

Nadia Abuelezam– Individual-based HIV transmission and prevention models: Evaluation, calibration and application

Brittany Charlton– The Epidemiology of Oral Contraceptive Use and Long Term Heath Effects

Rebecca GraffMolecular Subclassification of Prostate Cancer: The Epidemiology of TMPRSS2:ERG

Guido Falcone– Common Genetic Variation in Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Related Phenotypes

Qian LiBurden of Cardiovascular Diseases in China

Isha Agarwal—Exploring the associations between diabetes, fibrosis-related biomarkers and cardiovascular disease

Eric Shiroma—Physical activity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes: A closer examination of the 2008 US Federal Guidelines

Fan Mu—Endometriosis and Cardiovascular Disease

Peter Wahl—Overcoming Challenges of Utilizing Electronic Health Records for Confounding Control in Observational Comparative Effectiveness Research

Chien-Chang Lee— Risk of Incident Active Tuberculosis and Use of Gastric-Acid-Suppressive Drugs

Ibironke Olofin—Nutritional status and interventions in relation to infectious disease and mortality

Dae Hyun Kim—Lifestyle and Clinical Predictors of Functional Status in Older Adults

Batool Haider—Risk of Adverse Outcomes Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Adults

Sonja Swanson— Contributions to Instrumental Variable Methods in Epidemiology

Marcelle Dougan– Body size throughout the life course, diet quality, and endometrial cancer risk