Pilot Projects 2008-2009

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s)
Assessing Noise and Chemical Exposures in Farm Youth 2008-2009 M. Kile, C. Ronk
Exposure Assessment of Healthcare Industry Employees: Inter-Method Agreement of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Exposures between Direct Observation and Self-Reports 2008-2009 L. Punnet, J. Tessler
Gene-Environment Interactions in Newly Hired Textile Workers 2008-2009 E. Eisen, D. Christiani, A. Mehta
Work Arrangements in Patient Care and Musculoskeletal Injuries in Nurses: The Effect of Work Schedules, Availability of Resources for Lifting Assistance, and Various Forms of Communication for Patient Hand-Off 2008-2009 E. McNeely, P. Lee
Occupational Exposure to Metal-Rich PM2.5 and DNA Methylation 2008-2009 M. Kile, A. Baccarelli, S. Fang, D. Christiani
Reassign Pointing Device Tasks to Improve Radiologists’ Postures, Repetitive Movements, and Discomforts 2008-2009 C. Chang, P. Boiselle, J. Dennerlein, M. Robertson
Traffic-Related Particulate Matter and Markers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress: Variations by Past Occupational Exposure to Traffic-Related Particulate Matter 2008-2009 S. Fang, AJ. Mehta. Schwartz, D. Christiani
Manganese Exposures and Cardiovascular Responses among Welders 2008-2009 D. Christiani, M. Mittleman, J. Cavallari