Pilot Projects 2009-2010

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s)
An Unrecognized Source of Exposure to Bisphenol A: Receipts? 2009-2010 S. Ehrlich, R. Hauser
Determining the Dermal Penetration and Toxicity Profile of Quantum Dots 2009-2010 M. Ellenbecker, S. Tsai
Characterization of Metallic Nanoparticles Derived in Welding Fume, and Evaluation of its Association to Adverse Cardiovascular Outcome in Humans 2009-2010 D. Christiani, C. Chang
Comparing Rates of Injury for Sharps Medical Devices with Safety Features in Massachusetts Hospitals 2009-2010 D. Kriebel, A. Ali
EPA Diesel Engine Replacement Program Effect on Lobster Boat Occupational Air Pollution Exposure and Health Outcomes 2009-2010 R. Herrick, A. Piedmont, A. Backus
University Students’ Notebook Use 2009-2010 K. Jacobs, G. Foley