Pilot Projects 2010-2011

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s)
Biomarkers Assessment of Fine Particle-Induced Vascular Changes in Wildland Firefighters 2010-2011 D. Gaughan, D. Christiani
Participatory Action Research Approach to Solve Problems Associated with Drywall Handling Tasks 2010-2011 B. Buchholz, P. Dasgupta
Analysis of the Pressure on the Knee among Floor Coverers 2010-2011 B. Buchholz, X. Jing
Validating Novel Biomarkers of Manganese Exposure and Manganese Toxicity in a Population of Welders 2010-2011 M. Weisskopf, R. Grashow
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Driver-Simulator Performance and Diagnosis of OSA 2010-2011 S. Kales, C. Zhang, A. Malhotr, S. Gautam
Metabonomic Applications in Assessing Occupational Exposure to Nano-Metallic Particles derived from Welding Fume 2010-2011 C. Chang, D. Christiani
Using Transparency to Increase Awareness of Chemical Hazards in University Laboratories 2010-2011 M.Weil, R. Clapp, K. Geiser
Integrative Approach to Gene Expression and Genotype Profiling of Mice and Humans Chronically Exposed to Inhaled Endotoxin 2010-2011 P. Lai, D. Christiani