Pilot Projects 2011-2012

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s)
The Role of DNA Methylation of the Cardiopulmonary Effects of Particulate Exposure in Biomarkers 2011-2012 T. Fan, D. Christiani
Piloting Cognitive Learning Tasks in an Occupational Cohort 2011-2012 M. Weisskopf, R. Grashow, J. Braun
Cardiovascular and Stress Responses to Short-Term Noise Exposure 2011-2012 J. Cavallari, E. Walker, A. Brammer, M. Cherniack, S. Fang, M. Mittleman
Investigation of Open-Cell Drop Ceiling Louvers for Use in Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation 2011-2012 J. Linnes
Biomechanics of Thumbing during Tablet Use 2011-2012 M. Trudeau, J. Dennerlein
PM2.5 Exposures of Employees in the Longwood Medical Area (LMA) who Commute by Bike 2011-2012 M. Tumpney, A. Backus
Predictors of Functional Limitations Related to Musculoskeletal Pain in Clinical Staff of Nursing Homes 2011-2012 L. Punnett, G. Kernan,
The Relationship between Job Safety and Contractor Utilization in the Mining Industry 2011-2012 M. Buessing
Upper Extremity Kinematics and Kinetics among Computer Workers with Hand Osteoarthritis 2011-2012 J. Dennerlein, M. Trudeau