EH Degree Programs

The department of environmental health offers several different degrees, of which many are listed below. Most of the classes are offerred through the Research Programs within the department. When apply for admissions make sure you are applying for the appropriate degree program.

Environmental Epidemiology:  SM, SD

Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Health Sciences:  SM, SD
Environmental Science and Risk Management:  SM, SD
Ergonomics and Safety:  SM, SD
Industrial Hygiene:  SM, SD
Water Pollution:  SM, SD

Occupational Health:  SM, MOH, SD, DPH

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Post-Doctoral, Residency-MD)
Occupational Epidemiology (SD)
Occupational Health Nursing (with Simmons College)
Occupational Health Services Research (SD, Post-Doctoral)
Occupational Injury Prevention Research (SD)
Hazardous Substances Academic Training Program (HSAT, MS)

Physiology:   SD, PhD

Population Genetics:  SD

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