Eric Amster

Visiting Scientist

Department of Environmental Health

Landmark Ctr 3 - 111- 2
Boston, MA 02215




I first became intrigued by the health effects of environmental pollution while investigating the neurodevelopmental effects of gestational exposure to pesticides.  In the 10 years since then I have been trying to learn about the impact of chemical and physical hazards on the health of vulnerable populations.  Be it a quesadilla vendor in the streets of Mexico City, an immigrant farmer in the fields of California’s Central Valley, or a factory worker in Western MA, the health effects of hazards in the work environment are equally devastating.

I have been privileged to work with Drs. Schenker and McCurdy at UC Davis’ Environmental and Occupational Medicine Clinic, Dr. Eskenazi at NIEH/EPA’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the researchers at Mexico’s Intituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorios, the EIS officers at the U.S. Center’s for Disease Control, the clinicians at Mt. Sinai’s Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit and World Trade Center Clinic, and the environmental health advocates at Physician’s for Social Responsibility.

ENVIRONMENTAL/OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE:  My clinical interests include occupational injuries, determination of environmental and occupational causation, and toxic exposures including heavy metal toxicity, pesticide exposures, and evaluation of building related illnesses.

CURRENT RESEARCH:  Risk of non-malignant respiratory diseases from arsenic exposure; Case-Control study of occupational risks of lung and esophageal cancer.

PAST RESEARCH:  Occupational and environmental etiologies of IPF; influences of city planning on public health; heavy metal exposure from herbal supplements; health effects of indoor air quality.



B.A.     University of California, Berkeley
M.P.H.  Harvard University
M.D.     University California, Davis