Annual Appointment Forms

Affirmative Action Form

Attendance Record (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016)

Health Rate Comparison Chart (2016)

Benefits Summary for Postdocs (2016)

Confidentiality Agreement

Cover Sheet for PAID Annual Appointments  (April 2015)

Cover Sheet for UNPAID Annual Appointments (March 2015)

Federal Tax Form (Form W-4)

I-9 Form

OFA Leaves Checklists (January 2016)

OFA Wasabi and Billing Code Tip Sheets (November 2015)

CWD I-9 Training Presentation (January 2012)

Job Codes for Harvard Chan School Academic Appointments (August 2015)

Massachusetts State Tax Form

Maternity Leave Form (excludes postdoctoral research fellows)

Medical Leave Form (excludes postdoctoral research fellows)

Non-Faculty Academic Appointee Leave Summary Sheet – OFA

Non Faculty Academic Leave Summary Sheet – OFS

OFA Leaves Checklists (November 2015)

UPDATED OFA Non-Faculty Academic Leaves Workshop Presentation (January 2016)

Offer Letter Template (2015) (UPDATED – for departments to use in conjunction with HIO visa paperwork)

Parental Leave Form

Postdoc Confirmation of Health Insurance Coverage

Postdoc Annual Progress Review Form

Postdoc Career Development Plan

Request for Confirmation of Postdoctoral Training

Request for Family and Medical Leave Form

Visiting Scientist/Visiting Graduate Student Appointment Form (March 2015)

Visiting Scientist/Visiting Graduate Student Reappointment Form (March 2015)

Wasabi Job Data Changes (list of action/reasons and when to use them)