OPA Policies and Reporting Procedures

All faculty members with primary appointments at HSPH and select secondary and adjunct faculty are required to disclose outside professional activities (OPA) from the past calendar year online at the following PIN-enabled website:


Individuals who are required to report will be notified annually.

The Faculty of Public Health recognizes that its members may engage in outside professional work, and to the extent these activities serve the Faculty’s interests, as well as those of the participant, the Faculty of Public Health approves of such involvement.  However, with the exception of work performed in lieu of summer salary, faculty members should ordinarily spend no more than 52 days per year (one day per week) in outside professional activities.  Some outside work such as service on NIH Study Sections, committees of the NAS/NRC or IOM, or other public service activities may be considered part of a faculty member’s responsibilities.  It is recognized, though, that even public service efforts can become excessive; accordingly, faculty are required to report on all outside activities annually.

Please refer to the HSPH policy and Harvard University policy on outside activities for more information.