Dr. Gökhan Hotamisligil Receives 9th Danone International Prize for Nutrition

Today in San Diego, Danone Institute International announced that Gökhan S. Hotamisligil, MD, PhD, Chair of the Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, is the recipient of the 9th Danone International Prize for Nutrition for his outstanding research in immunology and metabolic diseases.

“Dr. Hotamisligil is leading a major advancement in nutrition science, and his powerful work links the molecular mechanisms behind nutritional and metabolic issues that threaten human health,” said Raanan Shamir, MD, President of the Danone Institute International.

“I hope that this award will allow me to further bring light to the dangerous ramifications of metabolic disease on the body’s immune system,” said Dr. Hotamisligil. “This important recognition will allow me to expand my research and I hope to contribute to the effort to curb the pandemic of chronic metabolic diseases.”

Danone Institute International, a not-for-profit organization, presents the Danone International Prize for Nutrition, with the support of the French “Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale,” every two years.

Established to reward excellence and advancement in nutrition, this prize is given in the spirit of very distinguished scientific Prizes to recognize a single researcher or a research team that is leading a major advancement in nutrition science, including new concepts and research fields with potential application for human diet and health.

Laureates are chosen after an independent, international and consultative selection procedure that guarantees transparency and objectivity, and are awarded €120,000 in recognition of published scientific contributions.

For more information, please visit www.danoneinstitute.org