Doctor of Science

The doctoral program is open to those with an outstanding academic record, usually in the Masters program or equivalent from another university or similar institution.  The Doctor of Science degree is intended for persons holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical, natural, or social sciences.

To provide more focus and depth in key areas of Global Health and Population, the Department has identified three areas from which students may form majors for doctoral training.  All doctoral students must select one of the two majors currently offered by the Department: Population and Family Health or Health Systems.

Admission to the doctoral program in Global Health and Population is limited to outstanding applicants.  Applicants should show they have the academic background required for the program, in particular evidence of the ability to master the quantitative material in the courses should be presented.

Candidates should demonstrate a genuine interest in the field for which they are applying.  Relevant research experience or experience of health and population issues in an international context, particularly in a developing country, is important.  It is also useful for applicants to indicate how their proposed area of research fits with the expertise of the faculty in the department.  In their statement, applicants should go into some detail on their research interests.  Many applicants have already undertaken related research projects and a short summary of these, with methods and results may be included.  In terms of planned research, a discussion of possible specific research questions is more helpful than a broad statement of a research area.  Applicants may identify members of the department with whom they would be particularly interested in working.

A number of students from the two-year SM degree in Global Heath and Population are usually admitted to the doctoral program each year.  Courses taken in the two-year SM degree may count towards the requirements for the doctoral program and by taking appropriate courses students can substantially reduce the time required to complete the doctoral program once they enter.  The doctoral committee looks with favor on SD applicants from the SM degree program.  Students entering or undertaking the SM degree considering applying for the doctoral program in the future, should contact the chair of the doctoral committee early in their program to discuss appropriate course selection.

Procedures, deadlines, and requirements for admission to this program, as well as information on financial assistance, are fully explained in the HSPH Catalog.