A two or three year postdoctoral position in computational biology with the focus on single-cell transcriptome analysis is available.

The goal of the Yuan Lab is to devise statistical and computational approaches to elucidate systems-level gene regulatory mechanisms and their implications in development and disease. Current projects include the development of statistical methods for the inference of gene regulatory networks, for genome-wide chromatin state characterization, and for integration of genomic data-types. In addition, our group applies systems biology approaches to gain mechanistic insights into the biology of stem cells, cancer, and lung diseases in collaboration with experimental biologists and clinicians at Harvard Medical School.

The candidate will develop nonlinear dynamics and statistical methods for analyzing single-cell transcriptomic data, with the aim of characterizing the cellular heterogeneity and lineage hierarchy associated with cancer initiation and maintenance.  The candidate will closely collaborate with Dr. Stuart Orkin’s group.


The successful applicant should hold a doctoral degree or equivalent qualification in nonlinear dynamics, physics, statistics, bioinformatics, or a similar field. Candidate holding a degree in biological science should have demonstrated experience in computational or statistical work.

Strong programming (in Matlab, R, C/C++, or Python) and communication skills are required. Previous experience in analysis, interpretation, and integration of genomic data-types is highly desired.

Lead author in at least one publication in major peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Additional Information:

Interested applicants please send CV and at least two recommendation letters to Dr. Guo-Cheng Yuan (gcyuan@jimmy.harvard.edu).