HVA Tools and Resources

Florida Department of Health Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Application – The Florida Department of Health makes available resources for public health risk and vulnerability assessment for emergency preparedness and response planning.



Kaiser Permanente HVA Tool – This tool provides a systematic approach to recognizing hazards that may affect demand for the hospitals services or its ability to provide those services.  This tool is a sample only and is not a substitute for a comprehensive emergency preparedness program; individuals or organizations using this tool are solely responsible for any hazard assessment and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



Social Vulnerability Index for the United States – The Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI®) 2006-10 measures the social vulnerability of U.S. counties to environmental hazards.



Texas Public Health Risk Assessment Tool – This is an evidence-based risk assessment tool, which determines hazard, residual risk scores, and resource availability for 41 hazards, and the ability to respond using the PHEP capabilities.




UCLA Hazard Risk Assessment Instrument (HRAI) – This tool expands upon the concepts of the hospital-based assessments.  The goal of this instrument and the accompanying workbook is to guide public health agencies in determining the likelihood of a hazard occurring, assessing their community’s vulnerabilities and current resources, and prioritizing resources in planning for disasters.  The authors of HRAI state:

“HRAI will allow public health agencies to assess the probability of hazards for a particular geographic area and the magnitude of impact given the local resources, allowing for prioritization of response and mitigation options.”



University of South Carolina SHELDUSTM –  The Spatial Hazard Events and Losses Database for the United States (SHELDUS ™) is a county-level hazard data set for the U.S. for 18 different natural hazard events types such thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and tornados.



Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) – The Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) provides the public with both an overview and more specific information on current natural hazard events. It is supported by the Department of the Interior Office of Emergency Management.