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Karen Joynt & Ashish Jha Hospitals Converting to For-profit Status Show Better Financial Health, No Loss in Quality of Care- October 21, 2014 




Meredith Rosenthal - Elected to Institute of Medicine- October 21, 2014 



Robert Blendon & GilPoll Picturelian SteelFisher – Poll: Most Believe Ebola Likely Spread by Multiple Routes, Including Sneezing, Coughing - October 16, 2014 



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Atul Gawande- Making End-of-life Care More Humane- October 10, 2014 






Arnold Epstein, Ben Sommers, & Robert Blendon- Support for Medicaid Expansion Strong Among Low-income Adults-October 8, 2014 


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Kathy Swartz- ACA Health Premiums Look Stable Heading into 2015 (multimedia) – October 3, 2014 



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Robert BlendonGOP-controlled Senate Could Impact 2015 ACA Signups (multimedia) – September 24, 2014 



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Robert Blendon & Gillian SteelFisher - Poll Finds Many in U.S. Lack Knowledge about Ebola and its TransmissionAugust 21, 2014




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Meredith Rosenthal - Reducing Wasteful Health Care Spending Begs the Question, What is Waste?August 11, 2014 



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Ashish Jha- Quality Missing from Global Health Agenda - August 7, 2014 






Student: Tari Owi- Why Public Health? July 2014 






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NPR/RWJF/HSPH Poll Finds Health Most Common Major Stressful Event in Americans’ Lives Last Year - July 7, 2014 

Despite Recent Problems, Support for the             Massachusetts Health Insurance Law Remains High - June 16, 2014