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Atul Gawande– Our Humanity Is Defined By How We Treat the SickMay 2015




Bill Hsiao



William Hsiao – William Hsiao Awarded Presidential Medal from TaiwanMay 13, 2015







Howard Koh Koh Lauded as ‘Champion’ of State Homeless ProgramMay 6, 2015








Katherine Baicker– The Veiled Economics of Employee Cost SharingMay 4, 2015







David Hemenway– There’s Scientific Consensus on Guns — and the NRA Won’t Like ItApril 22, 2015 







Ashish Jha– Finding the Stars of Hospital Care in the U.S.April 20, 2015



ben sommers



Benjamin Sommers– Health Care for Immigrants — Implications of Obama’s Executive ActionMarch 26, 2015 

NEJM Interview 







John McDonough–  Explaining Obamacare to ForeignersMarch 23, 2015 





Robert Blendon March 2015 

#WhatShapesHealth by HORP (Harvard Opinion Research Program) 

The Forum Webcast 

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