Health Promotion for Adult Literacy Students: An Empowering Approach

Updated May 13, 2010

This package of materials includes nine subject-based curricula, each between 30 and 60 pages in length, a teacher’s guide, corresponding audio and video tapes and newsletters. The curricula is intended for use with ABE, ESOL or GED students who want to learn more about health, in areas such as: women’s health, alcohol and other drugs, child safety, health insurance, first aid and nutrition. One of the most helpful tools in the kit is the inclusion of glossaries for each topic as well as a list of organizations to contact for further information. The curricula is available free of charge from the Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc., 102 Mosher Road, Glenmont, NY 12077. For more information, call (518) 432-4005 or to view samples from the curricula, visit

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