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Below you will find resources that will assist in forging partnerships to improve health literacy.


Focuson BasicsCoverFocus on Basics, Volume 9, 2008 is a publication of the US Division of World Education.  It attempts to bridge research with practice by providing best practices, current research on adult learning and literacy, and how research is used by adult basic education teachers, counselors, program administrators, and policy makers. This issue focuses on Health and Literacy Partnerships.  To read other issues of Focus on Basics, click here.




PartnersForActionHealth Literacy Public Health Forums: Partners for Action by R. Rudd and E Zobel, 2005.  This guide was designed to assist public health professionals and members of departments of public health, to provide a state or local Health Literacy Forum and thereby raise awareness about health literacy and links to health outcomes within a state,   county, or city. This forum provides a vehicle for raising awareness and for sharing ideas  across sectors to build an action plan.