Project for Polling on Polio Immunization

HSPH/HORP/UNICEF Collaboration for Polling

HORP_UNICEF colloboration graphic“We have come so far together in the fight to end polio.  We have the means to finish the job.  We can make history.  Or we can fail to seize the moment.  Lest history judge us harshly, let a polio-free world be our legacy to the next generation of children.”   — Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

To accomplish the extraordinary goal of polio eradication, we must support millions of parents and other caregivers around the world in the critical decision to vaccinate their children.  Understanding their views is the foundation of effective communications and engagement.

The HSPH/HORP/UNICEF Collaboration for Polling conducts polls to provide a localized and evolving picture of caregivers’ perspectives on vaccination.  The polls aim to give voice to all caregivers as partners in the fight against polio.

Preliminary Results for Polls in Pakistan and Nigeria