Housing Options

In general, your housing options fall into two categories: Harvard owned housing or private housing. Harvard housing includes Shattuck International House and Harvard Real Estate Services.

Shattuck International House

Shattuck (Shattuck1.jpg) A domestic and international student apartment building, consists of 70 apartments that are owned and managed by HSPH. All students affiliated with Harvard University are eligible to live in ShattuckOpens in a new window , with priority given to students from the School of Public Health.

Harvard University Housing

Harvard Real Estate (terrythumb.jpg)A network of over 1,000 apartments that make up Harvard University HousingOpens in a new window are located primarily in Cambridge, offers apartments to all of Harvard’s graduate students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Harvard@Trilogy, located in the Fenway, is an option near to the Longwood campus.

Vanderbilt Hall

Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt.gif)Housing is also available at Vanderbilt Hall, part of the Harvard Medical School. Priority is given to Harvard Medical, Dental, and Division of Medical Sciences students, but Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and GSAS students may live there if there are vacancies. For more information, please the Vanderbilt HallOpens in a new window web site.

Private Housing

Winter (winter1.jpg)Includes apartment buildings, apartments within houses, and homestays (accommodations with host families) outside of the Harvard community. The Office for Student Affiars at HSPHOpens in a new window maintains resources to help you with your search including the HSPH HousingOpens in a new window website.