Is there air-conditioning in my room?

Shattuck House does not have a central air-conditioning system, and air-conditioners are not furnished items. Tenants have two options for air conditioning in their apartment:

1. If a tenant wants to use an air conditioner (A/C) that they currently own:

  • The A/C must not exceed 5,000 BTUs and must meet these minimum efficiency requirements:
Size/Capacity BTU/Hr. Energy Star Energy Efficiency Rating for A/C with louvered sides Energy Star Energy Efficiency Rating for A/C without louvered sides
5,000 > = 10.7 > = 9.9
  • It must be installed and removed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (SPH) Operations Office, in order to ensure the safety of the installation. Tenants must email to place a work order for installation. Operations will schedule removal of A/Cs in the fall. Tenants will be notified in advance.
  • The fee for installation will be $178 ($99 for installation and $79 for removal) per cooling season*.
  • Tenant is responsible for the storage of their A/C during the off season.

2. If tenant does not currently own an A/C, but wants one, or requires an additional A/C, tenant must rent it from RentAnAC.  The fee for rental, installation, and removal is $199 per cooling season* for a 5,000 BTU unit. Free Standing Units will only be available for apartments with security bars on their windows for $265.

  • It must be installed and removed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health approved vendor, RentAnAC, in order to ensure the safety and appropriateness of the installation. RentAnAC will provide readily visible stickers to identify approved A/Cs. Non-compliant A/Cs may not be used.


In addition to the above charges, tenant must pay a utility usage surcharge each year to operate any air conditioner (tenant’s own, or a RentAnAC rental unit).  This surcharge will be $40 for each 5,000 BTU A/C, and it will be charged on student term billing.

Installation, removal, and rental charges are defined by the vendor and subject to change. Utility usage surcharges are also subject to change.

* Air conditioners may be installed no earlier than May 15 and must be removed by October 31.  Fees and surcharges will not be prorated if installation occurs after May 15 or removal occurs prior to October 31.

Tenant is responsible for engaging RentAnAC directly for these services, including coordinating all logistics. (Contact RentAnAC at 1-617-903-3274, mention you are a tenant of Shattuck International House, and refer to Contract PC100021 to receive SPH’s negotiated pricing.)

Failure to fully comply with these policies is grounds for lease termination.